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Student Life

There is more to campus life than just classes.

OCAC is an intentionally-small, student-centered art college and community that is comprised of people from all over the country and the globe. Student life is centered around the studio; peers working alongside one another to master new skills sets, wrap their minds around new concepts and engage in on-going dialogue. The relationships that are established at the college between students and their faculty, staff and visiting artists provide a support system while in school and a meaningful network after graduation.

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Student Services provides an array of resources and services designed to support students in the pursuit of their academic, personal and career goals. The Student Services office, located in the Red House on OCAC's campus, is a comfortable place where students can express their needs and get personalized attention and assistance. Some of the services provided are:

  • Mental health resources
  • Disability resources
  • TriMet passses for access to Portland's public transportation system
  • Information on local housing options and OCAC's roommate matching service
  • Information on current jobs opportunities, internships, study away opportunities, and career services for students
  • Calls to enter art exhibitions and other opportunities in the community
  • OCAC Student Handbook

The Student Lounge, located next to the weaving studio, provides students an informal space to gather together as peers, to hold study groups, take a nap, get mail, and to showcase student artwork.

Student Commonwealth is a group of students democratically elected by the student body to empower, facilitate, and advocate for student interests. SCW also sponsors events including the annual Halloween party, film screenings, art sales, holiday parties, and several other events, which reflect the evolving interests and needs of OCAC's student body. Peer Mentors serve as new students’ first point of contact at OCAC. Their role is to welcome new students and help integrate them into the academic and co-curricular community. This is accomplished through providing individualized advising, assisting with facilitation of New Student Orientation, and a variety of on-and-off campus activities with first year students.

At OCAC, anyone can start a Student Club. Clubs contribute significantly to the student experience by encouraging students to explore a wide array of interests and activities. OCAC provides funds for all official clubs and clubs have the right to pursue social, cultural and other interests on campus, and organize and hold various activities for the benefit of their members. For further information about registering your club at OCAC, contact Student Services at

Residence Life staff understand that going away to college is very exciting and also overwhelming at times. Many questions arise during the months before OCAC begins. Below you will find some information to help you decide if living in our student housing is right for you. 

Oregon College of Art and Craft offers double occupancy rooms (currently single rooms are unavailable) in alcohol free, non-smoking, co-ed student housing furnished with: living room sofa, chairs, a dining table with chairs, a desk and a twin bed with mattress pad. Amenities currently include:

  • Kitchens with built-in full-size appliances
  • Closets
  • Washer/dryer
  • Shared off-street parking
  • Utilities: cable, wireless internet, water, electricity, trash and recycling

Note: Only licensed service animals are permitted in student housing.

In order to be considered for student housing, you must submit an application online here and a non-refundable $20 application fee must be made via credit card. After review of all applications, Student Services will contact applicants to clarify additional housing details (security deposit, roommate/housemate survey, etc.) and to confirm housing placement. The application alone does not guarantee housing. If you are interested in other housing options, you can explore local housing availability here

COST: The cost of student housing for the 2018-2019 academic year (9 months) is $8,000 for a shared room (double occupancy) and utilities are included (cable, wireless internet, water, electricity, trash and recycling). Important to note: Residents are committed to a two-semester contract (Monday, August 20th, 2018 - Tuesday, May 14th, 2019).

RESIDENT ASSISTANTS (RAs): Each resident will have access to our talented staff of live-in Resident Assistants (RAs) who are responsible for not only maintaining a safe and healthy living environment within student housing, but also for building community amongst residents.

PROGRAMS AND ACTIVITIES: A unique aspect of OCAC’s Residence Life program is participating in activities and programs in your living environment. Our well-trained staff of Resident Assistants provides an array of social, cultural and community activities and programs. Each event provides valuable learning opportunities, while enabling you to begin developing a sense of community within OCAC.

COMMUNAL LIVING: Within the OCAC Residence Life program, you will be assigned to a room based on similarities on a roommate/housemate survey. Your experiences, strengths, and life skills such as: adaptation, transition, and compromise are developed through good communication and fostering communal integrity. You (and your housemates) are responsible for coordinating cleaning, grocery buying/sharing, decorating, and the frequency of guests. You are also expected to maintain the highest level of conduct.

Note: Failure to comply with OCAC regulations may result in removal from the Residence Life program, without compensation or refund.

Roommate Connections
Looking for a roommate to move in with or get to move into your place? Student Services keeps a list of new and returning students and shares it with potential matches. Fill out the online form to get on the list and be eligible to receive names of possible roommates!

Note: OCAC provides this free service to assist students in securing their housing plans. The College makes no representation whatsoever regarding the housing, roommates or landlords listed by OCAC. Oregon College of Art and Craft expressly disclaims any and all responsibility for any problems that may arise. All prospective tenants are encouraged to exercise their own good judgment when evaluating a prospective rental unit or landlord, including thoroughly investigate and inspect any properties, accommodations, or other housing options before making final arrangements.

Disability Accommodations
If you have a diagnosed disability and need accommodations, begin the process early so that everything will be set up when you arrive. Start the process here.

Mental Health Services
Mental health services are available to students; the College covers the co-payment for the first ten visits per student, per academic year. A licensed professional counselor is available on campus by appointment during the school year. Students who see the counselor share a variety of concerns ranging from personal to academic. If students want to continue seeing the counselor beyond the ten sessions, they are responsible for negotiating and submitting a co-payment for each additional session thereafter.

Health Insurance
Students will automatically be enrolled in the OCAC health insurance plan. To opt out of paying for this, fill out this form and send it, along with proof of insurance, to

Academic Coaching
Please see the OCAC academic coach, Wendy Noonan, if you have need of academic assistance or would like to schedule a tutoring session. Wendy is available by email at, or you may call 971-255-4194. You may also schedule a tutoring session online here.

Oregon College of Art and Craft offers students the opportunity to do an internship as part of their degree requirements. Internships supplement the College's academic training and give students a unique opportunity to gain valuable work experience before graduation, as well as providing an introduction to a specific art field. The high-quality art-related experiences provided by an internship enhance the formal studio education available at the College and provide an effective way to bridge the gap between the academic environment and the practical world of employment.

Career Services
Student Services maintains resources that can assist students in pursuing their career and professional goals. The resources provided include assistance with résumés, study abroad opportunities, and information about available internship opportunities. Current job openings and calls to artists are posted on the bulletin boards (outside the Centrum), and/or sent directly to student email addresses on a weekly basis.

OCAC participates in a cross-registration program with other members of the OAICU (Oregon Alliance of independent Colleges and Universities). Under this program, full-time OCAC students may enroll in one undergraduate course per semester at another OICA campus without paying additional tuition. Students may not cross-register for a course already offered at OCAC unless there is a legitimate scheduling conflict. Further details on the cross-registration program and a complete list of participating institutions are available from the registrar at

AICAD Exchange Program
Students may apply to spend a semester in a similar degree program at one of 35 participating AICAD institutions located in the US and Canada. AICAD Exchange students remain registered at OCAC, thus retaining residency and student aid eligibility while receiving credit towards completion of the OCAC degree. For further details about the program, contact the registrar at

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