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Student Account Policies


Undergraduate Tuition:     $33,150
per year full-time enrollment

Undergraduate Tuition:     $16,575
per semester full-time enrollment 

Undergraduate Tuition under 12 credits 
per credit         $1,315
Studio Fees    $465
estimated total per semester

Graduate Tuition*:     $36,200
per year full-time enrollment
MFA in Craft under 9 credits     $1,537
per credit 

Student Activity Fees    $365
per semester 
Health Insurance**:    Fall 18 – $886        Spring 19 – $1,296.11

*MFA in Craft students are full-time at 9-18 credits per term. For these same full-time students, there are no additional tuition charges for the required summer term (beginning summer 2018) for those actively enrolled in the program as full-time students working towards degree requirements. For those students who attend less than 9 credits in the fall or spring (by permission only), they will be charged a per credit rate.

**Health insurance is required for all students enrolled at least halftime (six or more credits per semester). Students with existing coverage may opt out of the plan offered through OCAC. Student Health Insurance Waiver forms are available online and in the Bursar’s office (Administration Building). Students who submit a health insurance waiver for the term, along with and proof of existing coverage, will be credited back the insurance fee. Health insurance waivers will need to be completed separately for Fall and Spring Terms. FA-18 insurance waivers are due August 1st, 2018 and SP-19 insurance waivers are due January 11, 2019. Please note: fees for the total 18-19 year are $2,182.22 and are divided per Semester. FA-18 charges will be $886.11 and SP-19 will be $1,296.11. The SP-19 charge is higher than Fall term because the coverage includes the summer months..

Application for admission    $35
Tuition deposit (BFA)    $250
Studio safety equipment    $45
Late tuition    $50
Thesis studio deposit (refundable)    $100
Housing deposit (refundable)    $150
Transcript (per copy, electronic delivery)    $8
Transcript (per copy, paper delivery)    $10.50
Student ID Replacement    $5

*Student Life Summer Fee    $70
**Check Replacement Fee    $15

*Summer session student life  fee will be assessed only if students are registered for summer classes
** It is the responsibility of each student to inform Human Resources of any payroll changes that occur any time during the year.  These changes could be a change in address, bank account information or name change.  In the event a paycheck needs to be re-issued because the check was lost by the student, undelivered by the post office or has been declined and returned due to bank account closure, the $15.00 fee incurred by stop payments on these checks will be charged to the students' account.   

Other types of checks are distributed through the Business Office (reimbursements, financial aid refunds, and artist commissions, for example).  The Business Office will use the address that is current in the Student Information System (KULA).  Should a business office check need to be re-issued at the student's request, a $15.00 stop payment fee will be charged to the student's account. 

Duplicate Billing Statement Forms are available in the business office. Please complete this form if you would like a copy of your statement sent to one or more third parties, such as a parent. This form does not authorize OCAC to discuss the statement with the third party.

Statements and other billing related correspondence are mailed or emailed directly to students by the business office. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is the federally mandated guideline for how post-secondary institutions handle the educational records of students. Due to FERPA, OCAC may not discuss a student’s billing account with another party, unless the student has authorized the College to do so in writing. In order to authorize OCAC to discuss a student’s account with another person, the student needs to submit a completed Confidential Student Release to the Registrar. This form is included in each student’s billing packet. To authorize a duplicate billing statement only, please submit a completed Duplicate Billing Statement Form.

Fall tuition is due on August 1. If August 1 falls on a weekend, the due date is extended to the first business day in August. Spring tuition is due on December 15. If December 15 falls on a weekend, the due date is extended to the next business day in December. A $50 late fee applies after these dates.

Payment Methods: OCAC accepts personal checks, money orders, cashier’s checks, and cash (if paid in person). OCAC also accepts payments via VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, although a 2.99% processing fee may apply.

Payment Plan: OCAC offers a deferred tuition plan to eligible students. Eligibility guidelines for enrollment are: 1) student’s OCAC account is in good standing; and 2) student has not had a prior payment plan canceled due to non-payment. Payment plans do not extend past the last day of the semester. For additional information on the plan, please contact the business office.

OCAC grants students provisional credit on their billing statements for pending financial aid. Pending financial aid does not constitute a payment of tuition and fees; it only delays the payment. Students who rely on provisional credit for deferral of tuition and fees are responsible for completing the financial aid process. The temporary tuition and fee deferment provided by provisional credit expires the second Friday of the academic term or thirty (30) days from students’ registration dates. Upon the expiration of provisional credit, students with unpaid balances are subject to the College’s tuition and fee payment policies, including possible administrative withdrawal.

A pending distribution from a qualified college savings plan (QCSP) may provide deferment of tuition and fees.

In order to qualify, the following requirements must be met:
• Letter of authorization from qualified college savings plan containing student’s name, student ID number or tax ID number, and payment amount on file with OCAC prior to tuition due date
• Payment from qualified college savings plan made directly to OCAC
• Qualified college savings plan has a preset payment date that falls after OCAC’s tuition due date

If a pending distribution from a qualified college savings plan meets the above requirements, OCAC will note a QCSP deferment credit on the student’s account. If the student’s balance after this credit is zero, OCAC will waive the tuition late fee and any finance charges that would otherwise accrue to the student’s account. If the student has a remaining balance after the QCSP deferment credit, the student must make financial arrangements for the non-deferred amount by the tuition due date in order to avoid a late fee.

QCSP deferment credits expire thirty (30) days after the first day of class each semester. Upon expiration of a QCSP deferment credit, all other OCAC student billing and attendance policies apply.

For students with a financial aid credit balance on their accounts as of the first week of classes, a refund check will be issued two business days after the add/change period ends.

For credit balances due to financial aid that are created after the first week of classes, a refund check will be issued within fourteen (14) days from the date the financial aid is disbursed to the student’s account.

Students canceling their registration or withdrawing from all classes must notify the Registrar in writing. For notification received before the first day of class, students will receive a 100% refund of tuition and fees paid. Students wishing to drop or withdraw from a class must also notify the Registrar in writing. Refunds are calculated from the date that written notification is received. Studio and Student Activity fees are non-refundable once the first day of classes has begun.

Refunds of tuition are calculated as follows: 

  • Written notification received during Week 1: 90%
  • Written notification received during Week 2: 80%
  • Written notification received during Week 3: 70%
  • Written notification received during Week 4: 60%
  • Written notification received during Week 5: 50%
  • No refund of tuition after Week 5

Health insurance fees may be refunded at the discretion of the insurance provider. Please note that coverage is automatically canceled retroactive to the policy’s start date for students who have not attended for at least the first 31 days of the semester. If a student has used medical services covered under the student insurance plan and the student’s coverage is later canceled due to the student’s withdrawal from OCAC, the student will be responsible for all medical costs billed by health care providers.

BFA and Certificate Program students may take Studio School noncredit classes or workshops during an academic term. The refund policy for Studio School non-credit classes and workshops is published online at via the “policies” link.

Studio School classes and workshops offered for credit are published in the semester’s schedule. The refund policy for Studio School for-credit classes and workshops is published online at

Per government regulations, OCAC may determine which federal loan funds create a credit balance on student accounts. OCAC credits Parent PLUS Loans toward tuition and fees before Stafford Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans. If a student with a Parent PLUS Loan has a credit balance (financial aid exceeds tuition and fees) and the parent/borrower has instructed OCAC in writing to release the refund to the student, then the refund check is issued to the student.

If a student with a Parent PLUS Loan has a credit balance and the parent/borrower has not instructed OCAC in writing to release the refund to the student, then the portion of the refund that is created by the Parent PLUS Loan is paid to the parent/borrower. In some cases, two refund checks are issued: one to the parent/borrower for the portion of the Parent PLUS Loan that exceeds tuition and fees and one to the student for the credit balance created by Stafford Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans. If the refund due back to the student is less than the Stafford Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans, the check will be issued to the student only.

The OCAC Financial Contract sets forth the students’ financial obligations to the College. All students are required to sign a financial contract for each academic year. The Financial Contract is included in each student’s billing packet and must be returned by the tuition due date for the first semester in which the student is enrolled each academic year.

OCAC will consider short-term advances against a student’s pending financial aid refund in the event of an unanticipated financial emergency, e.g., an accident or sudden job loss. Emergency loans are available to BFA and Certificate program students during a semester in which proof of attendance has been established provided if: a) there is a credit balance from pending financial aid on the student’s account, b) the student is in good academic standing, and c) the student has no unpaid balances. The maximum advance is $500 and students are only eligible for one emergency loan per academic year.

To request an emergency loan, please submit a completed Emergency Loan Application (available in Enrollment Services) with supporting documentation for the emergency to the Enrollment Services office. The request approval or denial will be given to the student within 24 hours. If the request is approved, the student must sign a Promissory Note. The student’s check will be available in the business office within two business days from the date of the request.