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Jiseon Lee Isbara, Intermin President & Dean of Academic Affairs
Chris Potts, Director of Enrollment Management and Alumni Affairs, Title IX Coordinator 
Michael Oreste, Chief Advancement Officer
Jennifer Thompson, Controller

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FACULTY DIRECTORY                        
Undergraduate Programs

Dylan Beck, Associate Professor & Ceramics Department Head
Abby McGehee, Professor & General Studies Department Head
Seth Papac, Assistant Professor & Metals Department Head
Michelle Ross, Professor & Drawing and Painting Department Head
Mark Rupert, Associate Professor, Photography Department Head
Brian Shannon, Professor & Foundations Department Head
Barb Tetenbaum, Professor & Book and Print Department Head
Christine Clark, Professor, Metals and Sculpture
Phil Harris, Professor/General Studies, on Sabbatical Leave in 2018-19
Ryan Burghard, Assistant Professor, Foundations and General Studies
Jeanne Medina, Visiting Assistant Professor/Fibers 
Olivia Fu, Teaching Fellow, Image and Narrative

Lucas Bernhardt, Adjunct Faculty, General Studies
Shelby Davis, Adjunct Faculty, Wood
Isabel Duffy, Adjunct Faculty, Book and Print
Catherine Glass, Adjunct Faculty, General Studies
Chanda Glendinning, Adjunct Faculty, Ceramics
Bethany Hays, Adjunct Faculty, Drawing and Painting
Rebecca Kelley, Adjunct Faculty, General Studies
Colin Kippen, Adjunct Faculty, Foundations
Tally Locke, Adjunct Faculty, Wood
Elizabeth Malaska, Adjunct Faculty, Drawing and Painting
Gina Morris, Adjunct Faculty, General Studies
Wendy Noonan, Adjunct Faculty, General Studies
Diane Pfeiffer, Adjunct Faculty, Digital Strategies
Justin Rigamonti, Adjunct Faculty, General Studies
Lee Stewart, Adjunct Faculty, General Studies
Leslie Vigeant, Adjunct Faculty, General Studies
Sarah Wertzberger, Adjunct Faculty, Fibers
Bobbi Woods, Adjunct Faculty, Digital Strategies

Graduate Programs
MFA in Craft: Practice and Innovation, Â MFA in Craft and Material Studies, Low Residency
Karl Burkheimer, Professor & Chair, on Sabbatical Leave in Fall 2018
Courtney Kemp, Lead Faculty, MFA in Craft and Material Studies
Stephanie Gervais, Instructor-in-Residence
Craig Drennen, Instructor-in-Residence

MFA in Applied Craft and Design
Sara Huston, Assistant Professor & Interim Chair
Whitney Lowe, Adjunct Faculty
Julie Beeler, Adjunct Faculty
Leslie Vigeant, Adjunct Faculty

MFA in Industrial Design
Cia Mooney, Associate Professor
Diane Pfeiffer, Adjunct Faculty
Tally Locke, Adjunct Faculty

Studio Managers
Lindsey Bain, Fibers
Jason Berlin, Drawing/Painting
Sterling Collins, Wood
Chanda Glendinning, Ceramics
Benny Hill, FabLab
Kat Kauffman, Photography
Hannah Newman, MFA in AC+D Program Manager
TBD, Book and Print
TBD, Metals