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Student Handbook



Welcome to OCAC!

Oregon College of Art and Craft (OCAC) is a unique learning environment - a creative community committed to a mentor-based teaching methodology firmly rooted in craft - deep materials knowledge. The small size of our student body and our studio classes enhances the mentor methodology, fosters your confidence, and encourages you to find individual approaches and independent solutions to a range of studio problems. In short, OCAC is an educational experience that provides the space in which you will find your own voice.

At OCAC, we give you the opportunity to learn conceptually-grounded skill sets of thinking and the deep materials knowledge of making that will allow you to envision and create extraordinary objects and images. Equally important, the creative process that you use to make these objects and images is transferable to any career you may pursue or any challenge you may face regardless of its complexity. You are here to learn to be an inventive thinker and innovative maker.

To support you, the community of students, faculty, administrators and staff that constitutes OCAC is guided by policies and procedures designed to make your time 
on campus productive and satisfying. This Handbook has been prepared to give you a quick reference to these rules and regulations, as well as the resources and opportunities available to you as an OCAC student. Be sure to keep this Handbook readily available as it will be a valuable aid during your time at OCAC.

Remember that you have been invited to join our community because of our belief in your ability to thrive and excel at OCAC. I look forward to watching your progress here at the College and to seeing your contributions to our community.

You can download a pdf of the handbook here. View the Student Handbook Addendum (Updated: March 7, 2019) for additional information.