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Oregon College of Art and Craft (OCAC) earned a reputation as a leading college of art and craft in the United States.  Known for its exceptional faculty of artists, writers and makers, OCAC is a uniquely small, mentor-based college where students are individually guided to become successful artists and professionals in the fields of creative practice, business, and industry. The College received 50,000 visits each year through community programs, lectures, presentations and exhibitions in the Hoffman Gallery and 2,500-3,000 students enrolled annually in youth and adult offerings and special programs.

While enrolled in the full-time Bachelor of Fine Arts or Master of Fine Arts degree programs, students work in small classes with renowned faculty, artists-in-residence, and fellow students to explore innovative, cross-media approaches to making, experiential learning, and conceptual thinking across the full range of the seven specialized studio areas that are the heart of Craft at OCAC. The hands-on, studio-based approach to learning – one in which deep conceptual thinking informs making works with the hand – prepares students to become creative artists, knowledgeable designers, and critical thinkers.

OCAC’s alumni, 82% of whom are employed in the arts, exemplify the vital role artists and makers play in satisfying the global demand for new ways of thinking, making and innovating. Founded in 1907 by Julia Hoffman, OCAC was a principal center for learning and engaging the Portland ethos of the hand-made, locally sourced and environmentally sound. OCAC was a place where ideas are realized.

In May of 2019, after serving the community for 112-years, OCAC closed its doors.